> Week 14


April 1 – April 7

Nobody pulled an April Fools on me today, and I’m 100% ok with that. Wasn’t quite sure what to shoot today, so my skiing rubber ducky will have to do for now. I mean, that’s kind of weird, right? (He’s covered in water because he just got to the bottom of the hill – it’s pretty slushy out there!)

Mmmm… I’m getting excited for the summer now! Can’t wait to see what I remember from last summer on the golf course.

I don’t think I ever get tired of seeing Luna watch the world outside by her window. Yes, HER window. While I do computer work, she keeps me company and entertains herself.

Another homemade magnet. I made this one the same day I watched Up In the Air on TV (go figure). It’s my favorite line of the movie that showcases a few places around St. Louis, so it’s always kind of fun to watch.

I got some infused olive oils the other day. Yum. So good. I especially like cooking with the lemon and the garlic, which is why they’re already halfway gone!

At work. It’s a bit… slow… and really hard to keep focus! So, why not shoot the keyboard and mouse? (Did I mention it’s really slow?)

The boys’ snowboards sit on the wall at work. There’s plenty of time for ride breaks now that we have just one week left in the season!

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