> Week 13


March 25 – March 31

The Walker trio at Copper, all at work! Wicks, Jennifer (aka Miss Copper) and Colby are some of the friendliest faces at this resort. The three of them know all there is to know about Copper, and are always a joy to see and/or work with!

A pelican in the mountains? Yes! Well, sort of... This beaded bird welcomes anyone who comes to The Lost Cajun in Frisco (http://www.thelostcajun.com/). This is also hands down my favorite place to eat in Frisco, possibly in the entire county!

This is the same shot as day 78, when only a small hole of water peeked through the frozen cover. There's no doubt that Spring is coming much sooner this year.

Driving back from Denver this afternoon, I decided (very last minute) to take the scenic route - literally. I took Loveland Pass instead of going through the tunnel for the first time. What a drive! I mean, I'm just glad there was no snow on the ground today! Windy, high road, no guard rails, blind corners... whew! I was really happy to get to the top, honestly. Such a refreshing view up here!

Something a little different today: mini souffles for breakfast! My favorite new recipe that makes breakfast quicker for the next few days. Yum!

How can you not smile at this!? To think that the first times I took her picture, Luna would freak out and run away. Today, she just laid there and looked at me, for more than a few seconds. Little model!

I brought out the sheet music again, sat down at the piano and tried picking my way through a few songs. Definitely rusty, but it felt good. I liked the light in this picture the most.


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