> Week 12


March 18 – March 24

The creek that runs through Copper, now at least completely covered and frozen.

Center Village at Copper, looking East towards the Sky Chutes. Sometimes I think I take for granted the views that I have at home, to and from work, going to the grocery store, etc... I really can't get enough of the mountains!

We can't seem to keep the cold around long enough. Here, another creek is running fast under a breaking cover of snow and ice. That sun is brutal up here!

Another day, another melt. Another creek thawing out in the sun.

I guess my Red Bull hasn't been officially welcomed to the mountains yet! Since the day I turned 16, this mascot has been riding along in my car with me everywhere I go.

Wow. So much green! In March? I think by this point we might as well say, "Adios" to Winter.

Our wonderful Ski & Ride School admin staff. It's been an amazing winter (not including the weather), and after today there will only be four of us coming and going until the end of season.


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