> Week 9


February 26 – March 3

The wall in my "office" space. It seems like so long ago since I sat in the closet - ehem - office at Webster.

I will never get tired of this view. The East edge of Copper Mountain overlaps the beautiful mountain range towards Leadville. Just another drive down I-70.

Straws! Colors! Circles!

This is what 12 inches of fresh snow looks like at 9:30am. I have never been so worn out after riding! As I made it down the mountain (not so gracefully), I kept my phone close, wondering when my new niece or nephew would be joining us! Long day of waiting!

Our lobby is full of "mountain decor." I like seeing the old photos of Copper, though. Oh, and last night we welcomed my new nephew to our family: John Collin Prichard! Long day of waiting, but he entered in style as a Leap Day Baby!

Mail time! I have such a love-hate...thing...with PO Boxes. You get an excuse to walk somewhere on a nice day to pick up your mail. -10 degrees? Forget it. You never know who you'll run in to on a mail run: usually a good thing. I've come to really dislike pink slips of paper. One thing's certain: it's always a surprise to pick up the mail!

This little building on the "lake" at Copper has been empty all season. It's a hard retail spot to fill and keep. But I've always loved the door and framing on it. I don't feel like I'm at the mountains when I look at this. Maybe a beach? Mmm... warm... ocean... I could use a beach trip!



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