> Week 11


March 11 – March 17

I pulled off the Dam Road that runs along Dillon Resivoir, originally to find a photo with water. Instead, I got out of my car and this was the first thing I saw. There is a group of about five to 10 trees right at the parking area with carvings all along them.

I love that my windows let in the afternoon light.

Miss Luna bathing in the sunlight. I can't believe I've had her for about four months now! What a princess.

Another Wednesday off, another sunny afternoon in the hot tub. I've found this to be the best way to unwind after... well, after any day!

The texture and shape of the climbing wall caught my attention today. I can't wait until summer again when I can walk outside and do a climb or two before work. So much fun!

I-70 at Officer's Gulch. We sure don't have much snow right now. Sorry, Spring Breakers!

Another view of the bare mountains, from Copper. Pretty weird sight, considering what it looked like this time last year (very, very white).


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