> Week 10


March 4 – March 10

Aaah, the wonderful world of iPhones and Instagram! This is just along one of the sidewalks in Frisco. Might I add that it was a very scary walk that included at least three near falls on black ice?! Whew! Good thing it's so pretty up here! (Bare with me this week, I used my iPhone quite a bit.)

Boredom? Excitement? Calm? All of the above, really, as I waited in DIA for my plane to take me to StL and see the newest little P-Nut!

Precious P-Nut, now known officially as John Collin Prichard, and unofficially as Jack. Too cute, really (especially when he's sleeping!) Here he's just 5 days and a few hours old. Wow!

St. Louis. My dad and I went to the Art Museum today to see a really cool photo exhibition. I sure miss Forest Park, even living in the mountains.

This is probably the eighth time I've shot this subject at home, this time with the Instagram app (again!). I don't know which I love more - the awesome texture and color of this bowl, or the inspirational rocks.

Yukon the Caribou flies us safely back to Denver. On the ground below, you can see where the snow started to fall over the plains. That trip was way too short.

Instagram #5 of 7 total photos this week. The creek that runs through Copper is constantly changing, and isn't even completely covered yet. I like it in this state, though, when the creek is either just starting to freeze or just starting to thaw in the Spring.


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