> Week 8


February 19 – February 25

My large lamp in the living space definitely looks better in macro.

This is just a piece of a collage I did last summer, hanging on my wall. I started out wanting to something more visually-inspired, but kept cutting out words and phrases. This is my favorite part of the collage/poem.

I got this awesome salt and pepper shaker this past Christmas. Exciting. No, really. Not only is it amazing, but it's one more face I found to shoot! Thanks *Rudolph* 😉

The newest addition to my homemade magnets. Gotta love Chiquita and their stickers! I actually walked around most of the day with this one still on my shoulder by accident. Oops.

I have stared at this file holder for quite a while lately. Taxes. Gross.

I followed some Choppers around today at Copper. This is my favorite shot. Bluebird sky and puffy clouds!

I haven't gotten this camera out for a while. I want to, really. I also really want to develop the rolls of film I shot with it last year around April. Hm...


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