> Week 7


January 12 – January 18, 2012

It's coming... Valentine's Day is just around the corner! This new, heart-shaped soap is my new favorite. Smells good, too!

I was lucky enough to sneak out on a very early ride break this morning with one of my coworkers. At 9:15am, hardly anyone was out yet. After about 7-8 inches of fresh snow, it was one of the best mornings on my snowboard I can remember. I'm pretty sure I was giggling all the way down the first run!

This single rose was personally delivered to me at work today. Pretty sure my cheeks matched the color of the flower! A sweet surprise, though, and a good start to a wonderful Valentine's Day.

I had to play around with the rose before it started wilting. Yesterday's image was more "environmental," this is the same flower with lights in front of a white backdrop. I don't know which I like better...

This is an old, abandoned Mexican Bar off Highway 9 in Silverthorne, right near where I lived last year. I drove by it so many times, dying to shoot it. Finally got around to it today. Ooooh, an old, run-down building, cool!

Rise and shine! Ok, so this image kind of came out of nowhere. I decided to play with my lights again, another still life. My favorite kitchen appliance inspired this shot - I'm sure we'll see it later. The Keurig has treated me very well this winter. I also played around with some of the effects in Lightroom; this was my favorite outcome of them all.

My cat drinks Monkey Water 🙂





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