> Week 6


January 5 – January 11, 2012

I grabbed this ring to play around with in my light box/tent. Really just going for a simple shot, nothing spectacular. This ring is special to me, too, so I wanted to play around with it.

I grabbed this shot as I was leaving work today. The light is so pretty at the end of the day. I can also tell the days are getting longer when I can still see the sun after work!

Luna is back! Here, she sits on my yoga mat. We had an... interesting... yoga morning session. She'd never seen the mat, let alone the poses I do, until today. Talk about one curious kitty! She was on the mat any time I stepped off.

Here's Copper's super pipe. I just came down it. For the first time! (Really, though, I slipped down most of the way and made a few turns towards the bottom. It's a start...) Another Women's Wednesdays session with Anna; we were being videotaped all day. Here, Gwen makes her last turn as Anna tapes her run.

The view driving down I-70 between Silverthorne and Frisco. Lake Dillon below, frozen over now, never ceases to capture my attention. I finally pulled off at the rest stop to grab this shot - I can't count how many times I've driven by and wanted to shoot it!

Good morning, moon. On a very early morning, before the sun was over the mountains, I caught the moon shining very big and bright above the trees. I didn't think the photo would turn out, but I was wrong!

This has always been on my fridge, and always reminds me to smile and keep pushing on when I don't particularly feel like it. The photo is one of my first ones I took in high school, for a "faces" assignment. I've also made a few magnets out of fortunes, this being one of my favorites too.



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