> Week 5


January 29 – February 4, 2012

I found a set of icicles dripping with water in the afternoon. I love water drops! Macro water drops! This shot was more about composition and shapes. And a water drop!

Here's a shout out to my dad. His creative mind helped me create this idea for an earring holder. Great for saving space in small areas, too. Frame a section of soft mesh inside a regular photo frame (a wall-hanging one will save surface space). Functional decoration. Thanks, Dad!

This photo reminds me of a photo I took back in high school (I think) up at our lake house in Illinois; two white lawn chairs sat facing a bright blue lake in the green, green grass. This is completely opposite; we're finally getting the snow we've wanted here this season. Seeing this did give me a small yearning for summertime again, I must admit.

Here's Luna in her regular watching post at the window. She's watching huge snowflakes fall outside!

Another Ode to Dad: an afternoon snack of M&Ms and a soda, but with my own twist. Instead: Peanut M&Ms and an Orange Fanta drink. Mmm... too much sugar? Maybe. Worth it? Definitely!

I've been saving my wine corks. The goal is to someday make... something... out of all of them! I've been trying to spend more time creating in the kitchen, too, and this is the view at my sink. Between cooking and washing dishes, I look at this pretty often!

I love when I can clock out of work for half an hour and get some of my favorite work in - photos! Ellie wanted some simple head shots for a class she's in now, so we found a good mountain environment to shoot in front of.

One thought on “> Week 5

  1. Emily…. Love, love love it… I get so excited when I see your email because i know I have the opportunity to see beautiful work. Dad had a great idea for your earrings. Thank you again for including me. I miss you.

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