> Week 4


January 22 – January 28

The bright, bold colors of Copper's Ski & Ride School uniforms are hard to miss on the mountain. Now I get to throw the reds on for Saturdays and Sundays to help out with one of our popular youth programs, Choppers. Kids ages 8 through 18 come for four- or eight-week sessions, and progress with the same coach and group the entire time. Bus transportation is also available to and from the Front Range. We see some very dedicated families come to Copper every week!

This window in Tucker Mountain Lodge lets me see the mountain behind me as I walk home from work.

A simple walk to one of the administrative buildings at Copper still offers pretty views. This is looking towards the Sky Chutes across from East Village. Early in the morning, the stringed lights are still on, and clouds lay low over the mountain tops. I think it's going to snow today!

It's Wednesday, which means another Women's Wednesdays lesson! The program offers women a chance to ski or ride with the same group and instructor over the winter season. This shot is from the Rondevous lift. Today was sunny and warm, and the snow was perfect!

Soft, powdery, fluffy, white, awesome...Snow! And this was just the beginning today; we got a pretty good covering again.

All this snow sure is great, but I sure am looking forward to using this grill again this summer. I know, I know. We're only halfway through the winter, how can I already be thinking about grilling again? I can't help it; I live for the short and amazing mountain summers here. Winter is just a bonus!

A new (and super easy) dessert: s'mores parfait. My friend sent me a link to this clever idea, and I made it promptly the next night. Y.U.M. Layer chocolate pudding, crushed graham crackers and marshmallows. Grab spoon and devour. Enjoy!


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