> Week 3


January 15 – January 21

Sometimes I can't believe where I am today. I live in Colorado, I work at a resort, and I live in a cute little condo right at the base. My front door is less than 200 steps from my office. Pretty sure this is one of the nicest places I'll live for a while, so I'm soaking up every day of it! Tucker Mountain Lodge is in Center Village, closest to the American Flyer lift.

Work photo. These little notebooks are all over our office, and they come in handy, too! Sometimes when work gets crazy, the notebook offers a quick reminder about why else I'm here.

And sometimes when work isn't so crazy... I have some extra time to play indoors. I can't seem to get away from the faces! This one stayed on the desk for a few days, too!

My view looking down off the lift. I've been taking some classes this winter, in the Women's Wednesdays lesson program at Copper. Our small group is so supportive and awesome, and I can challenge myself at least once a week with them. These are the days that keep me here in the mountains.

Luna. Again. I'm sure she'll pop up much more over the next year, but I just can't get enough of this pretty (and goofy) kitty. We're slowly getting used to the nail clippers, so I've been spending lots of time playing with her toes and legs. We'll get there, some day...

I had the chance to join a great group of kids in lessons this morning at work. Copper works with the SOS Outreach program and brings youth in for snowboard lessons. Here's one of the instructors getting ready to help a student with a toe-side turn on the magic carpet.

This Saturday, I went to Golden, CO for the first time. I also met Tiffany and Albert for the first time, and we shot engagement photos together. This fun, adorable couple is getting married this June in Steamboat Springs. We shot around the main part of town first, then made our way to Golden's historical park with really cool, older buildings. This was my favorite "scene." Not only do the colors work really well, but it was towards the end of the shoot and the two were getting so comfortable in front of the lens. I can't wait until their small wedding this summer! Congrats, you two!





One thought on “> Week 3

  1. Emily, I love looking at your photos! Your color palette is beautiful!!!! Keep them coming. I can’t wait to see more. Your photos make me want to visit Colorado more than I’ve ever wanted to. That’s when you know you’ve done a great job!!!

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