> Week 2


January 8 – January 14

Lunch Break. Need I say more?

My coworker Mike, and his new baby, Fisher. Too cute. Fisher, his big brother and mom come to visit us a lot, and the it's hard not to smile with a new baby around!

Sometimes it seems like the only way to get a decent picture of little Luna is to sneak up on her during a nap. She'll get used to the camera, sooner or later.

Here's just a simple, color and pattern inspired photo. I really liked my thank-you cards from Christmas (better late than never?).

A beautiful day on the mountains with a beautiful girl! Couldn't have been a better day, unless my legs weren't so tired from riding the entire day before! (See the slightly burnt, powdered-sugar-covered brownies in the background? So pretty!)

This is a snapshot of one corner of our office today. We decorated for Copper's Safety Fest this weekend. Our theme: Life's a Beach in the Mountains. We created waves, a surfboard, found a stuffed sun, and had a beach umbrella, chair and towel set up. Our hydration station had water available guests, as well as a bottle of sunscreen to protect those cheeks! It was a fun project for the office.

This image is created with six face masks made by the new local company, Phunkshun Wear. I shot their masks for catalog use again this week, and played around with a few for fun. Made in Summit County, Colorado, you can't get more local than this! http://www.phunkshunwear.com.


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