> Week 1


January 1 – January 7, 2012

This is my first apple crisp. I made it for dessert last night before celebrating the New Year. I tore my kitchen apart (as usual), flew through the recipe, threw it in the oven, turned around and promptly saw my chili powder sitting on the counter. Where did that….uh… Hmm. I wondered why I couldn’t smell the cinnamon on the apples very much. Doh! So, my (second-to-) last lesson learned for 2011: patience in the kitchen, my friends! Read the labels! Final lesson of the year: chili powder is surprisingly GOOD in apple crisp. Who knew?!

At a concert towards the end of last year, I was reminded how impressive it is to see some really good guitar playing. Really, really good. My little fingers can't ever seem to stretch and move the right way on a guitar, let alone hold the strings down long enough! Anyway, they're one of my favorite instruments, not only in sound but in asthetics. I used my macro setting to focus in on just one string. Simple shape and form.

This is one of my favorite mountain sides down in the valley in Silverthorne. There used to be part of a fence between those two posts last winter. The ground was also covered completely with snow by this time last year - not even close right now! Please send your good, snowy thoughts toward Summit County this winter, we could use some more real stuff!

Without a Christmas tree in my place this year, I still wanted to be creative and decorate, so I took some ribbon to hang ornaments along my windows (among other things). I got home today to a beautiful afternoon sun shining in through the blinds, and shot the ornament. As I turned around, I saw the shadow it made on the wall and shot it too, with the intent to show both together. A two-in-one, if you will.

We haven't gotten the usual amount of snow by this time of year. Though that's bad for resort business, it's great for scenery! Here's a quick look at the frozen, half-covered creek in the afternoon; one of my favorite things to watch at Copper.

Just a little snow starts to cover the mountain tops - again, one of my favorite "seasons" of the mountains. Sometimes I think they look like giant, slightly burnt brownies sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Snow! Wait, what's that? Finally, we get a nice storm come through with fresh pow. I love this stuff!


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