> 364 More to Go!


2012: A New Beginning. Another year, a fresh start, time to try something new. It’s about time I buckle down and do a photo project that so many of us like to do: “Project 365,” or “A-Photo-A-Day.” A year’s worth of photos, one per day, for one full year. Stick to it, see what comes of it. That is my resolution for the new year. My first photo for day 1 is below; future images will come in weekly batches.


This is my first apple crisp. I made it for dessert last night before celebrating the New Year. I tore my kitchen apart (as usual), flew through the recipe, threw it in the oven, turned around and promptly saw my chili powder sitting on the counter. Where did that….uh… Hmm. I wondered why I couldn’t smell the cinnamon on the apples very much. Doh!

So, my (second-to-) last lesson learned for 2011: patience in the kitchen, my friends! Read the labels! Final lesson of the year: chili powder is surprisingly GOOD in apple crisp. Who knew?!

Happy New Year!





2 thoughts on “> 364 More to Go!

  1. Em— I love it. I am so excited to have something to look forward to on a weekly basis. What a special treat. Thank you for incuding me in your new adventure. Miss you….

  2. I look forward to being part of your adventure! Greatly appreciate the fact that 1. You didn’t have to waste the apple crisp and 2.Made a fabulous, delicious discovery! Best wishes and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

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