>I Live Here.


On quite possibly one of the best days this summer – mid 70s, “Simpsons” clouds for miles, and nothing to do but walk down a mountain – I thought to myself, “I live here. Really. I live here? Wow.” Well, I live at the base of these amazing rocks.

It’s days like these that I don’t want to end. Colorado summer perfected. The wildflowers are in full bloom and pop in the sun. Their randomness used to bother me – I never quite knew how to think about wildflowers until recently. But the way nature chooses to spread out bright spots of color across a field or the side of a mountain is pretty cool. Out of nowhere, I found myself in the middle of purples, yellows, royal blues, rich fuschias, reds… the list goes on.

Wild and beautiful.


One thought on “>I Live Here.

  1. Thanks Emily for sharing! Your work means so much to me. You are an inspiration to all of us.
    I miss our coffee time together. Call me when you get in town!!!

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