>Early to rise…

>As it gets colder in the mornings here, frost forms on the car and I can see my breath outside. And every time I drive to work, undoubtedly in a hurry, I watch as steam rises off the corner of the lake. When the clouds are low and the morning sun shines on the water, it’s unbelievable. Hard to put into words. So last Saturday I decided to suck it up, wake up extra early to make my normal commute to work and finally catch this beautiful sight.

…but it wasn’t very cold on Friday, nor was it very chilly that morning. In turn, there was no steam rising off the lake. *sigh* So I made the most of it and went to one of my favorite spots, Sapphire Point off Swan Mountain Road. I was already up and out, I couldn’t very well go home without any photos.

The first and last shots were my two favorites:

The simplicity of each image drew me to them. They’re both dependent on light. Without having been there at the right moment, they’d be just another snapshot. All in all, the morning was not wasted, though I’m pretty sure I went to be earlier than normal that night!


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