>Highlight of last week:

>platinum prints!

I arrived to a relatively slow day at my internship on Friday thinking it was going to be a long day. Boy was I wrong.

Another intern and I were introduced to the studio’s darkroom, and before we knew it we had started a full lesson on platinum printing. The best part: the owner of the studio took us under his wing for the morning and went through the whole process with us. We saw everything from mixing the chemicals for an emulsion, brushing it onto the paper, working the light machine and developing the print.

What really intrigues me is that he starts with a digital file, makes adjustments for contrast in the computer, prints out a large negative and ends up with a darkroom contact print. Kind of goes to show that just because we have so much digital technology doesn’t mean darkrooms are unnecessary.

It doesn’t take long to remember why I fell in love with photography in high school. There’s just something magical and irresistible about a darkroom.


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